Introducing Zonogon

What is Zonogon?

Zonogon, as a term, means a centrally symmetric convex polygon.
Zonogon, as a project, means multifaceted, developing infrastructure for the community by the community itself.

Zonogon Token - ZON

Zonogon Token is a deflationary Token. Contract was written from scratch, with clean, understandable code and contains completely new mechanics for distributing tokens from transaction fees. When you receive tokens (e.g. buy), you will receive 0.5% of tokens from each next transaction, up to 5


  • 100M Max Supply
  • Liquidity Locked Forever (sent to dead address)
  • 10% Supply dedicated to team address Team address includes expenses for the development and promotion of the project, as well as bonuses for the team.

8% Transaction Fee

  • 5% burned
  • 2.5% equally between the 5 last recipients of the token
  • 0.5% sent to the team's wallet
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What is Zonogon?
Zonogon Token - ZON